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Threshold Ventures. We are venture architects and builders. We help new ventures draft and refine their business and move past each threshold to the next stage of business success.

Threshold Ventures was founded in 1999 by a former venture capitalist, Jon Baer. He noted that while startup companies had access to capital often they did not have the appropriate resources to help them with the management, strategic and operational challenges that early stage companies typically face. Threshold Ventures has provided such help to startups as well as later stage companies.

Our approach is unique. We tailor our work to the needs of the company. We apply our knowledge and experience to meet your needs — whether helping to acquire initial customers, building a scalable business or leveraging products into new markets. We advise and mentor, lead or execute as appropriate.

Threshold Ventures principals posses extensive startup experience as well as a broad base of contacts and relationships in Silicon Valley and throughout the world. The network includes venture capitalists, angel investors, technology leaders, corporate executives, companies and various other organizations.

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